Corporate Health Service

Just as a mature individual will periodically seek external medical assessment, even in the absence of any adverse symptom, so a mature business should have a regimen of preventive performance monitoring.

Unintended changes in course usually occur in small increments which are difficult to detect, such as an aircraft 1 or 2 degrees off course on a long trip. Early detection of divergence enables far less radical corrective actions than may be required later in the journey.

We train, support, motivate, mediate, guide and inspire your most valuable resource: your people. We work hard, and we have more than just a bit of fun. In fact, we have a lot of fun doing what we do. We might feel a bit embarrassed about getting well paid for it, but our measurable results give us pleasure not pain.

Standard Lifeboat is committed to introducing and re-invigorating skill and passion in Australian business teams. Our mission is:

making business better with a new level of consciousness and customer focus.

While the rest of the world is wondering why "management by objectives" just isn't quite cutting it in the twenty-first century, Standard Lifeboat follows the highly-effective principles of fourth-generation management, recognizing the pioneering work of such teachers as Drs W. Edwards Deming, Joseph M. Juran and Noriaki Kano, together with the later works of Drs Brian L. Joiner and Robert L. Lorber.

On receiving the Baldrige Award, Federal Express Chairman Fred Smith responded to the question "What makes the difference between your success and others' lack of it? What management secrets do you have?" His answer, "The only difference between me and them is that I read the books we had in college and do what's in them; others spend time trying to invent things that have already been invented better."

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